Video Tutorials

We have been developing a series of tutorial videos to support the Boat Handling training that we deliver. The videos aren't a replacement for hands-on learning but will show you what is possible with a little training.

The videos have not been made by a professional production company so please excuse any technical gaffs but they should go along way to showing the beginner what to expect on a boat handling course.

The boating videos make use of our unique "Sterncam" view.

1. Basic Speed Control and Steering.


2. Narrowboat Leaving a Mooring With Crew.


3. Mooring Up Using Crew off at the Bow.


4. Leaving a Mooring Single Handed, Bow First.


5. Mooring Up Using Crew Off at the Stern.


6. Leaving a Mooring Single Handed Stern First.


7. Steering a Narrowboat into a Canal Arm.


8. Mooring Up Single Handed.


9. Springing On.

10. Reversing.


11 Springing Off


12. Lock Descent


13. Springing Off, Winding and Springing On.


14. Steaming on a Spring and Ascending Broad Lock.

15. Tying the T Stud Hitch.

16. Tying the Canalman's Hitch, also known as: Boatman's Hitch and Lighterman's Hitch.