Willow Wren Training has Closed!

Nelson's Wharf

Willow Wren Training was formed in 1994 and acquired by the present owners in 2010. The time has come for the owners to retire and the business has closed. See below for alternative training providers.

Over the years, Willow Wren Training has helped many thousands of customers to improve their boating skills and we are very proud to feel that we will have made a difference to the UK inland waterways community. It is therefore with sadness that we have decided to close the business, but everyone reaches a stage in their lives where it is time to take things easier, and the family who own the business still have work to do at their base at Nelson's Wharf in Warwickshire.

After the end of May 2022, the phone will be turned off and it will not be possible to leave voicemails. Please contact us at wwt@willowwrentraining.co.uk. The email address will remain active for some time and will be checked occasionally.

We would like to thank the many thousands of past customers, especially those that we casually referred to as “Repeat Offenders”. These are people who once they found out how valuable the training was, decided to return for more training in other disciplines.

We would also like to thank both customers, supporters and even our competitors who, over the years, have lavished thousands of great compliments on our business and on our instructors. To the one person who gave us a bad review, even though he had not taken any training with us, then we say, “You cannot be right and all the other people be so wrong”. OR “Up yours Sir”.

Thank you all.
Steve and Izzie Vaughan


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