Over the years, Willow Wren Training has been written about many times and been asked to write articles for leading boating magazines. We thank the magazines for their kind permission to reprint the articles here.

Waterways World article "Steering the Right Course". The article covers a day at Willow Wren Training by Sarah Henshaw on a boat handling course. Click to Read.



Canal Boat Article "All Tied Up". The article covers a basic set of knots that all boaters will find useful plus some tips for line handling. Click to Read.


MAY 2014

Canal Boat Article, "Getting High and Dry". Everyone runs aground at some stage. This article covers how to avoid it and how to refloat the boat if it happens to you. Click to Read.


MAY 2013

Canal Boat Article "Getting on the right course". Helena was an experienced boater but came along to Willow Wren Training to see if there was anything new to learn. Read the article to see if she did. Click to Read.