Considerate Boater was introduced by us in 2008 as a not for profit, non-commercial website aimed at helping beginners understand the etiquette of boating on the UK Inland Waterways. In 2010, we bought Willow Wren Training but we kept CB separate and didn't openly link the two organisations together. Equally though, we didn't keep it secret from supporters in case they felt it was a conflict of interests. Some of CB supporters are training schools.

Due to the costs of running a nonprofit making ".com" website we have reluctantly decided to close the site down in Spring 2016 and bring all the material in house. We still get emails every week from people who find the site useful and didn't want to lose it completely.

We will keep the links to similar minded businesses on our links page, we will continue to send out Considerate Boater stickers to those that ask free of charge and we will continue to keep any Willow Wren Training advertising off the pages. We won't be keeping a list of emails and won't be sending out newsletters, not that we sent out that many anyway.

What is Considerate Boater about?

This is a website primarily for people new to boating on the UK Inland Waterways. If you are an experienced boater then you will already practice all that we talk about here and this site isn't for you. We have no desire to appear to be patronising.

But if you want to learn what is acceptable, (and unacceptable), behaviour on the waterways then browse this web site.

Considerate Boater reviews many practises that you might want to adopt to keep harmony on the UK Inland Waterways.

Simple things like keeping your music down to a dull roar and not behaving badly after a drink are obvious. But etiquette at locks, moorings and winding holes may not be so obvious to the newcomer to boating.

Hirers are often newcomers and often on the receiving end of disrespect from established boat owners because of their "apparent" lack of consideration. In reality, hirers are usually polite users and it is only perhaps a lack of knowledge that makes them appear to be inconsiderate. Hire boat operators have our sympathy. They have very little time to hand over a lifetime of experience to their customers.

Go now to "How to be a Considerate Boater" to find out more.

Another Great source of information is the Canal and River Trust's Boaters Handbook. It is in video and written format and can be viewed here.