Disabled accessDisabled Sign

Whilst on the increase, there are not enough facilities for the disabled boater or for the boater with a disabled person on board on the inland waterways.

Disabled mooring facilities can make the difference between a wonderful overnight stop, (with a pleasant evening trip off the boat), or just another night trapped on-board. If you see a disabled access mooring and do not have a right to use the facility, then please stay away even if you only want to moor for the shortest of time. It can make a big difference.

Sometimes the moorings have clear signs but sometimes it is just a small badge in the centre of the mooring bollard. If all the other moorings are full then question why this one is empty!

There are lots of things that the Considerate Boater can do to help the disabled boater. Be understanding and look for opportunities to help.

One more thing, don't be too quick to criticise the "seemingly" solo boater when you see a head popping up in the cabin. The person inside could be disabled, even if only temporarily due to a fall at the last lock.