Anglers deserve their own mention in the role of the Considerate Boater.Angler

As one of the more prolific users of the inland waterway system, boaters regularly meet and occasionally come into conflict with people enjoying this very popular activity.

The answer when coming across anglers, especially a fishing competition on the bank, is to treat them with the same respect as any other waterway user that has a legitimate right to be there.

The occasional angler might feel that boaters are the intruders and the only way to change their view, (albeit with time), is to be as considerate as possible when meeting them.


Slow down to engine tick over, as you would when passing a moored boat, and stick to the middle of the waterway, unless the anglers indicate otherwise. Don't increase your engine revs until you are at least a boat length beyond the angler.

When you have done this, have a look over your shoulder and you will almost certainly see the last angler giving you acknowledgement of your consideration.

If the angler is landing a big fish as you approach then stop! He/she will be grateful and it will be interesting to watch.


If you are about to moor up on a Friday or Saturday night and you can see fishing club markers on the towing path, you might be well advised to moor somewhere else. If there is a fishing competition the following day then you might get an early alarm call as they set up their equipment and also find your boat surrounded by anglers.

When you are passing, avoid such quips as "Have you got any chips to go with your fish". Some anglers are serious about their sport and they have probably heard all the "humour" before.